Contacting security issuers in eShares

If you have questions about securities on eShares, you can now contact the issuer directly from the security. This makes it easier to resolve issues without leaving eShares.

Contacting the issuer when accepting a security

When accepting a security, click "View Details" to open the security modal:

Select "Contact issuer" on the left and enter your message. The issuer will receive an email from eShares letting them know.

Contacting the issuer of a previously accepted security

You can also contact the issuer of a previously accepted security. Click the security ID number and select "Contact issuer":

We hope this makes it easier to answer security related questions without having to leave eShares!

James Seely

James Seely

James grew up in Seattle before moving to the Bay Area to study at Santa Clara University. He has been a product marketer at eShares for almost three years.