Lighting up the office with user activity

Green and yellow lights for a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score) response.Green and yellow lights for a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score) response.

Max Estes is a Product Designer at eShares, an equity management platform for companies, investors, and employees.

At eShares we have a ton of data going through our system at any given time. The challenge is making it clear and visible to everyone at the company. To solve this problem I started a side project with some Philips Hue light bulbs. I built a Slack integration that connects our site activity to a light installation in the office. Any time a user gives us a positive (or negative) rating, a new company signs up, or someone mentions us on Twitter, the whole company can see it happen in real time.

There are about 10 site activities in total that trigger unique light sequences. I’ve included some GIFs below so you can check them out. The effect is a constant shimmer of people logging in, issuing securities, and creating accounts.

If you’re interested in setting this up at your own company, you can read the detailed instructions here.

Whenever a new company signs up.Whenever a new company signs up.

Red lights for a negative NPSRed lights for a negative NPS (Net Promoter Score) response.

I work in the onboarding product team, so I threw this event in for when my team needs to respond to somebody having trouble importing a cap table.

Blue lights when someone mentions @eShares on Twitter.

Whenever a company finishes onboarding and securities are issued to stakeholders.

Disco lights when an eShares employee writes “Party time: 10” in our #Random Slack channel.

We recently had some network changes that took our lights offline for a few days, and I felt quite out of the loop. It surprised me how integral our lights have become in updating the company on customer sentiment, new sign ups, and key metrics.

Thanks to James Seely.